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Flowers Wholesale from Israel

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Wholesale deliveries of flowers, floristic greenery and exotics from Israel all over the world

April Flowersis a step into the future, in building your wholesale trade

April Flowers- these are flowers in bulk bypassing exporters, auctions and intermediaries directly from our greenhouses

April Flowers- this is our own production of the main items such as GYPSOPHYLA, EUSTOM, RUSKUS, ASPEDISTRA, PEONY, COTTON, which allows us to provide our customers with flowers all year round without interruption, including holiday deliveries.

April Flowers- this is a sustained pricing policy for many positions, our price does not rise throughout the year, even taking into account increased demand, high auction prices and holiday supplies, which again allows us to own production.

The main criterion  for which  we are appreciated by customers

  • Product quality.

  • Competitive prices

  • Efficiency at work.

  • Individual approach to buyers.

  • Cooperation with transport and customs agents.

The combination of these factors makes our company your reliable business partner. Cooperating with APRIL FLOWERS you can be sure of your future.

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